Luna-Rose Prisoner Support

Luna-Rose Prisoner Support is a non-profit organization bringing critical humanitarian support to Canadians, Americans, Europeans, Asians and other foreign national prisoners in Bangkok, Thailand’s prisons.

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Our Mission
No one deserves to be forgotten


Since 2006, I have been bringing critical support to Canadians, and people from USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia serving sentences of up to 100 years and the death penalty, mostly for drug charges, in Bangkok, Thailand’s notoriously hellish prisons.

People suffer acute distress in these appalling conditions which do not meet minimum acceptable standards of sanitation, nutrition or medical care. The loneliness and pain experience away from family support, friends or home country can be overwhelming. Luna-Rose Prisoner Support offers a critical life-line to incarcerated people, re-connecting them to the web of humanity.

Offering kindness, respect and dignity and emotional tools to support resilience has transformational effects in institutions built only for degradation and punishment, bringing a spark of light, joy and hope to to stigmatized, isolated people.

Supporting  inmates at these hellish prisons every day, I am both daunted by the enormity of the darkness and inspired to lean further towards the light. Sitting close to the centre of people’s struggles or pain, meeting them in compassion, I bear witness to the courage, resilience, and grace of the human spirit.

redhearttreeThe deplorable conditions of the prisons and appallingly poor situation in Thailand under a military regime are well-documented by human rights organizations. This site is heavily self-censored in order to be able to continue to operate the humanitarian mission. We do not discuss publicly issues of justice or politics or human rights. Our humanitarian mandate instead is to bear witness to the unspeakable, and to provide non-judgmental connection and support to those isolated, marginalized and dis-connected from the world,  fostering transformation and hope.