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Luna-Rose Prisoner Support is a non-profit organization bringing critical humanitarian support to Canadians, Americans, Europeans, Asians and other foreign national prisoners in Bangkok, Thailand’s prisons.

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Unforgotten : The Book
A Memoir of Struggle and Hope

UNFORGOTTEN: Finding Hope in Bangkok Prisons (Published September, 2015)

unforgotten-coverWhile backpacking ten years ago through Thailand with her young daughter, Heather Luna-Rose visited a fellow Canadian in Bangkok’s Bangkwang Prison, stumbling into what became her soul’s calling. This passionate humanitarian now spends many months each year bringing emotional support to incarcerated men from all over the world who are suffering isolation and loneliness in Bangkok’s infamously hellish prisons. In this memoir, Heather Luna-Rose reveals through raw journal entries and letters the personal challenges and struggles to sustain dignity and hope in her one-woman unpaid mission to support forgotten men.

A gripping page-turner, the book is divided between Canada and Thailand, juxtaposing these very disparate worlds and raising moral questions she faces in this humanitarian mission of justice and hope.


 Unforgotten: Finding Hope In Bangkok Prisons available in print or audio version at Salt Spring Books or Black Sheep Books, BC, or Glad Day Books in Toronto, Canada. Also available online from: