Luna-Rose Prisoner Support

Luna-Rose Prisoner Support is a non-profit organization bringing critical humanitarian support to Canadians, Americans, Europeans, Asians and other foreign national prisoners in Bangkok, Thailand’s prisons.

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We provide a critical lifeline to incarcerated people forgotten in Bangkok Prisons, re-connecting them to the web of humanity.

Luna-Rose Prisoner Support is a non-profit organization founded by Heather Luna-Rose. Since 2006, I have been bringing  * support visitations * counselling * psychological first aid  * food * medical advocacy *  and more to Canadian, European, Australian, Iranian, American, Burmese and many other foreigner nationals in Bangkok prisons serving very long sentences and on death row, many of them casualties in the War on Drugs. I provided support visits, food, toiletries, antibiotics, writing supplies, art supplies until those were no longer allowed (after 2012). The psychosocial support now consists of bringing human connection and counselling to these inmates, as well as to facilitate messages to families, get pen-pals, and lobby their Embassies for medical attention, when necessary.

In the appalling conditions which do not meet minimum internationally agreed upon standards of treatment, space, sanitation, nutrition or medical care, inmates experience brutality, physical and mental ailments and acute emotional distress. They are disconnected from home country, family support, and friends and experience overwhelming loneliness and suffering. Luna-Rose Prisoner Support offers human connection, psychosocial and emotional support, providing a critical life-line and re-connecting these forgotten people to the web of humanity.

I am inundated by requests to visit more inmates; this work is entirely self-funded and relies on your contributions to continue.

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Our Work

The Prisons

Thailand’s prisons have many foreigners from all over the world incarcerated primarily for drug offences, serving sentences of 25 years or more, life sentences or the death penalty.

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The Mission

Prison support visitations offering emotional support, cognitive and spiritual tools, dignity, advocacy, connection to families, food and hope.

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Prison Art

Many Bangkwang inmates transcended the walls through their incredible artistic skill. These killer whales were drawn in ballpoint pen using supplies I brought to the inmate - this is no longer allowed.

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The Impact of Our Work

Letters from Inmates

  • A visit from Heather wakes up my mind, emotions, feelings, pushes up my hope, love, strength, belief and power to continue to create. Simply to say: her visits help me to survive. It’s like a window to outside and pills which let me know I am still a human. -- FELIX. (Ukraine/Russia)

  • I get letters from my family back home, but having an actual face-to-face visit is a big boost for my state of mind. I have said many times to many people that what we do in this place is not living, it is existing. Well, thanks to you... I get to live again during these always too brief visits. -- Justin. (USA )

  • You can’t imagine our gratitude. It can be very cold and lonely here and it’s heartwarming to know that there are still people that care about us. -- Adrian. (Canada)

Founder & Executive Director Heather Luna-Rose

Activist, author, educator, humanitarian, I founded and have self-financed Luna-Rose Prisoner Support on tenacity, hard work and determination to not abandon broken people to walk the darkest road of their lives alone.
 When I’m not connecting with inmates or liaising with inmates’ families or lobbying Embassies to support their citizens or responding to enquiries or curating Bangkwang prisoner artwork exhibits with all proceeds going to artist-inmates, I work my ass off in Canada to save my own funds for this work, to raise donations, and to speak to groups and schools about the War on Drugs, the impacts of incarceration on foreigners in Thai prisons, and dignity and justice for all marginalized people.

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